How Oyster Cards Work in London, Oxford, Nottingham & Berlin

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The Oyster Card craze is sweeping across London and saving money and queueing time for tourists, commuters and businesses. It really is the cheapest method of travel for single journeys across London’s busy travel network, and here are the details of how and where to use them, brought to you by

Not only in London …

In Berlin, the overland trains and the Underground network are both using Oyster cards, and in other big cities in Britain, such as: Oxford and Nottingham, they also have their own version of the Oyster card for all inner city trains, busses and trams. A dedicated Oyster card travel wallet is fast becoming the most sought-after giveaway at business exhibitions, conferences and seminars.

How Do They Work?

The idea is simple, efficient, and avoids all the usual queues for the ticket window, or ticket machines. Just buy yourself an Oyster card at any travel station, or online; by choosing the amount you would like to spend.  £10, £20 or even £50, and then load more money onto it buying ‘travel credit’ with your credit card online, or by ‘charging it up’ at any Oyster Card sales outlet with cash.

Wave Goodbye to Queuing for Tickets

Then use the credit stored on the card, to travel wherever and however you wish. As you hold the card over the reader, it will deduct the cost of that journey, allowing you instant access onto the platform or vehicle. It is fast and immediate. Wave good bye to all the ticket window queues forever, and travel quickly and easily. As the credit runs out, you simply buy more and top it up.

Where Can You Use an Oyster Card in London?

In London, all these services will accept an oyster card to buy a ticket, so no need to carry annoying loose change, just You can use your Visitor Oyster card or Oyster card on the following transport services in London:

Tube, Bus, Tram, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), London Overground trains, and Most National Rail train services.

MBNA Thames Clippers river bus services offer a 10% discount if you pay with an Oyster card or Oyster card, and Emirates Air Line cable car give away a 25% discount for paying with your Oyster card.

OXFORD: Where to buy a SmartZone Travel Oyster Card:

For all travel in the City of Oxford, Trains, Busses and Trams, there is a dedicated SmartZone style Oyster card that you can order free of charge online. Then top up with the amount you would like to spent, in exactly the same way as the London card works.

Here is the link to the OXFORD Travel Card:

NOTTINGHAM: Where to buy a Robin Hood Travel Card:

The City of Nottingham has recently finished a total modernization of its inner city travel systems, with a brand new Tram service across the town and a modernized Rail Station. and you can apply for one of their Robin Hood Travel Cards online, which works the same way as the London Oyster Cards, on all their busses, trains and trams.

Here is the link to order your Nottingham City Card:

BERLIN: How to get a Berlin Oyster Card

If you are planning to visit Berlin for business or pleasure, it’s a great idea to get your Berlin Transport Oyster card and load it up with Euros, before you leave the UK. Then arriving at the Airport is so much easier, as you just use the Oyster style card on any of their inner city travel options: Overground Trains, Underground Trains, Trams and Busses.

Here is the link to an English language website, to apply for your card in the post before you leave the UK:

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